We are two videomakers who met in the crossroad between Italy and Lithuania.

Sebastiano Messina

He is an Editor, a Director and a Camera Operator. Sebastiano is a young filmmaker with a lot of experience which he gained volunteering in film festivals, watching movies of his favorite directors, freelancing work and participating in film making festival  for young filmmakers – CinemadaMare.

Sebastiano started his videomaker`​s journey in his home town Acireale, in Sicily, where he was shooting videos with his friends and collaborating with a wedding photographer. At this point he started to enjoy the art of documentary movies. Sebastiano made his first short documentary film about a miniature artist “Minicu`102” which you can see in our Videography gallery.

Now he is studying  a Cinema course at Scuola Holden in Turin, Italy.

Auguste Tomkute

She is an Editor, Assistant Director, Camera Operator, Cinematographer and Actress. Auguste studied Theater and Film Pedagogy in Vilnius, during university years she was acting in the TV series “Gyvenimo Receptai”, commercials and performing in a dance and poetry play called “Gondii Syndrome”. The day after her graduation she joined Cinemadamare film making festival in Italy for 3 months internship, where she was acting, directing and editing. You can find  her actress showreel here.

Auguste was working as a Manager in Kids and Youth Film Festival`15 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

As teacher she worked at Vilnius Queen Morta School and Lithuanian Kids and Youth Center, gaining strong knowledge about teaching and relationship with children using visual art as a methods to teach and a tool for students to memorize and understand new study subjects.

In 2017, November, Auguste joined to volunteer in TFL (Torino Film Lab) Event.